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A Brief History

Shobudo was founded by Soke Nakasato Shoshu and taught in Okinawa during the late 1950’s through the mid 1980’s.  Shobudo is a complete form of Jujutsu, containing a solid foundation in blocks, strikes, chokes, and throws.  The art, however, specializes in small joint manipulations and locks.  To understand Shobudo is to understand the principles of “Itai,” or the essence of pain.


Shobudo is a true art of self-defense.  As such, our students do not train for sport or tournaments.  They train to be able to apply life-saving techniques in modern, real life situations.


For a broader explanation of what Shobudo is, please check out the Shobudo Bujitsu Kai’s webpage at for several in-depth articles on the history and philosophy of the art.


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Soke Nakasato Shoshu

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