Trick-or-Treat Safety Seminar


The goal of this seminar is to promote safe practices for both Trick-or-Treaters and their parents.  The best step towards ensuring the safety of the children is to develop a plan of action in the event that a child becomes lost or separated.  In addition to the risk of separation, there is an increased risk that a predator will be on the prowl.  We aim to equip children with the defensive tactics that they will need to escape a predator and be reunited with their parents.

Required Gear:

  • Comfortable Training Attire
  • Note Taking Gear

You will Receive:

  • 2 hours of Training 
  • Completion Certificate

Available Training Dates:

  • Saturday, October 13th, 2018 from 4-6 pm

Available Resources:


  • $25 for the 2 hour Training Seminar
  • $20 if you prepay here

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Additional Information:

Once you have paid for your training, you will be contacted by the Hoshin Dojo to confirm your training date.