Training Philosophy


At the Hoshin Dojo, all Martial Arts are trained with the traditional mindset of self-defense.  While sport Martial Arts have a place in the world of entertainment, they often fall short when your life is on the line.  With this in mind, our techniques are simple, effective, and are not flashy.  When your life is on the line, there is simply no time for flashy.


While the Hoshin Dojo does actively compete in local Karate and Judo tournaments, our first priority is, and will always be, self-defense.


Self-defense is more than just what happens in the moment of a heated engagement.  It also encompasses the events leading up to the altercation and the actions that could have prevented the altercation in the first place.  Just as important is the consideration of the legal and moral consequences of your actions taken in the heat of the moment.


To cover the complete spectrum of self-defense, the Hoshin Dojo trains our students in prevention measures, situational awareness, and the use-of-force continuum.


In regards to techniques, the Hoshin Dojo is uniquely situated to provide instruction in the four pillars of Martial Arts.  These pillars are: Striking (Karate), Throwing (Judo), Joint Manipulation (Jujutsu), and weapons (Kobudo, Sword, and Firearms).


The Hoshin Dojo is not a mixed Martial Arts school; instead we teach each discipline independently.  Independently, each discipline will enable the student to reach a high level of self-defense.  However, we believe that the effects of studying multiple pillars are synergistic.


Lastly, The Hoshin Dojo believes that self-defense is for everyone, not just the young and fit.  As such, we train our students in a way that focuses on technique and body mechanics over the use of physical strength.  Regardless of age, gender, physicality, or disability, the students of the Hoshin Dojo are equipped to defend themselves when necessary.


The Hoshin Dojo – Self-Defense for Everyone