2018-02-03 Range Day

Here is the details for the Shooting Event this Saturday. We will be meeting at Gun World at 2 pm and stay no later than 4 pm. You will need:$20 for a box of 50 rounds (9mm or 45mm)
$14 for the range fee
$2 for renting eyes and ears at $1 each
$2 per target (you will want a couple)These fees will be paid directly to Gun World.

Do not be late as I am going into the range at 2pm sharp.

You must RSVP for the event on the website if you are going to attend and want your certificate.

This course will be run with the NRA as range time.

The event will be held at:
Gun World
3420 S. Sunnylane
Del City, OK 73115



5 out of 10 available Range Day
Send RSVP confirmation to: